About Neva Masquerade Cats

Neva Masquerade Cats are a breed of Sibierian cats, from Russia. Read more about the breed itself and why it is such a delight of sharing our time with them.

Neva Masquerade cats bear the name after the river Neva in northwestern Russia. This was the region where we’ve found the first specimens of Siberian cats with bright fur and tabby or point markings on the face resembling a mask. Their rich colors HAVE to be accompanied by blue eyes that range from light blue to dark blue.

The most common fur color of Neva Masquerade is the seal, which can also occur in combination with silver or golden color. All permitted colors can appear with or without whiteness and in all textures, which are most prominent on the head, paws, and tail. Textures that occur in Neva Masquerade can be Point, Tabby, and Tortie. Dedicated effort of the breeders certainly aspires to separate the Neva Masquerade cats as a separate breed from other Siberians.

Although appearing as very powerful, these cats are quite emotional and cuddly. Their calm nature ties them to the owner and not the house (which is rather odd in the cat world), and they are very prone to friendships with other pets. Nevas are very playful and enjoy their time with their owners.

With the help of his extraordinary intelligence, Nevas see their tasks as challenges and solve them easily. They have a beautiful, gentle voice, and enjoy “talking” to the family members. They will always welcome you when you come back home and will enjoy hide and seek or fetch the ball, which they will gladly indulge in. They will follow you everywhere and accompany you in all house activities. Siberians will gladly spend hours enjoying a pat and chat with their favorite owner. Even when they grow up they are able to play for hours, with one another and with toys and so entertaining to entertain themselves and their human friends. One interesting fact about Siberian cats – they just love water! There’s nothing unusual if your charming Neva  “dabbles” paws in a container with water or even find herself in a bathtub full of water!

Genetic diseases are unknown with Nevas, thus making an extremely healthy and resilient cat breed.

One thing is certain: life with the Siberian cat is much different and more fun, fulfilling and very soon you will realize that you have beside your best friend, confessor and tireless entertainer!