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Award-winning breeder of Neva Masquerade, Siberian traditional and Russian Blue cats

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Neva Masquerade

Blue-eyed jewels of the Neva river, famous by their tame and friendly demeanor.


Traditional Siberian

Strong, persistent and resilient, they are authentic representatives of the vast forest expanses of Siberia.


Russian Blue

Legendary breed of emerald-eyed, wise, calm and devoted feline companions.

How to Reserve Your Kitten

1. With Bastet Beauty you have an option to choose between three natural breeds of Russia: Neva Masquerade, Siberian Traditional and Russian Blue kittens.

2. We strongly advise that you acquaint yourself well with all characteristics of all of these breeds before making a decission. We are here for you if you have any questions.

3. Your next step will be to add yourself to our Waiting list. The reason for that is because we have a lot of requests and we prefer to know a little bit about our kittens’ future homes before sending them off to live their faboulous lives 🙂

About us

Through our genuine love for animals, strict adherence to the rules set by world feline organisations and selective breeding we learn, educate and promote these gorgeous breeds.

In accordance with our strong desire to preserve and improve all three breeds, we strive to keep up with the highest standards in breeding and selection. This results in our cats having offspring whose genetic, physiological and exterior traits exactly represent what Nevas, Siberians and Russian Blues really are.

Our cattery is a member of both TICA (The International Cat Association) and WCF (World Cat Federation). Accordingly, all our cats are registered officially in both associations and we provide adequate pedigrees for every cat.

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siberian traditional kittens 00001

Traditional Siberian Litter E

DOB: 16.09.2023. Mother: WCh Fifa Forest Hunter WCF: Gr EU ChD.O.B. 28.10.2020.Tortie …

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Ivan Bastet Beauty

D.O.B. 25/05/2019.
Red Point Siberian (SIB d 33)
Mother: Doreah Koenig Glance Bastet Beauty
Father: Arthur Danvel Bastet Beauty

Neva Masquerade Litter T

The amazing 9 kittens of Litter J were born on July 4, 2020.