As of this moment, our cattery has 3 in-house Neva Masquerade cats. We’ve started from having only Isis Divinitysib, and she’s been our crown jewel from the get go. Soon enough, she was joined by a young kitten from Ratibor Cattery in Russia and she started taking care of him in a very, tough-lovin’ sense 🙂  After Isis had had her first litter (our Litter A), we have chosen Ala, a beautiful, smart and feisty female to be her female friend. Now Torin and Ala are growing up together under the watchful eye of our wise Isis. You can see more info about them further below.

Isis Divinitysib of Bastet Beauty

Isis Divinitysib - Female Siberian Neva Masquerade Cats - Bastet Beauty Cattery

TICA: Double International Champion
WCF: Triple International Champion

Isis, or Luna as we call her, is the Alfa (and quite often the Omega) of our cattery. A beauty that leaves no one indifferent, she’s a full-blown star with a variety of titles. She’s won several international champion titles, twice in TICA and thrice in WCF. Our pride and joy.

Torin Ratibor of Bastet Beauty

Torin of Bastet Beauty - Neva Masquerade Cats

WCF: Triple International Champion

Torin is a young male in our crew. Never ceases to captivate with his beauty. Tirelessly charming. Already a triple international champion and on his way to more glory 🙂

Ala of Bastet Beauty

Ala of Bastet Beauty - Neva Masquerade Cats


Young little star and a beautiful female with a huge potential. She’s also on the way to champion titles.

Please do feel free to explore more info about our Neva Masquerade cats and connect with us on social media if you have any questions or inquiries.